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We are based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Founded in 2016, we have the area's only Digital billboards.


Locally Owned and operate from the ground up.

Fun Digital Billboard Facts:

A recent study by Arbitron found that nine out of ten people notice the advertising copy on digital billboards "most of the time." Additionally, nearly two out of three agree that digital billboards are an appealing way to advertise. Finally, recall by consumers of specific brands reaches 50% for some advertisers.

Billboards have been and continue to be a major component of modern day advertising for all types of companies and organizations. They are used as an effective way to reach large amounts of consumers on a daily basis, at all hours of the day. Consumers take the same routes to commute each day adding great depth to a billboard advertising campaign. Digital billboards have made the billboard advertising industry more effective and cost efficient for advertisers who need to change their message more frequently. With the easy digital transition between advertisements and more eye-catching graphics, digital billboards are going to be a popular way to connect with consumers.


Digital billboards provide a variety of benefits. Some of the benefits include public safety officials being able to utilize digital billboards for public service announcements (PSAs). Emergency messages can be broadcast and reach mass audiences in a timely manner. Things such as weather and traffic concerns could be posted on electronic billboards. The role that digital billboards play in consumer’s future will vary from a public service announcement to an eye-catching dinner special.


The national standard calls for digital billboards and other displays to change advertisements every 6-8 seconds. This allows multiple advertisers to take advantage of the reduce cost that digital billboard advertising affords. For example, a restaurant could adjust their advertisement to offer breakfast specials in the morning and dinner specials in the evening easily through these electronically controlled billboards.


Another benefit of digital billboards is the way they are built. When drivers pass these bright billboards, a concern for driving safety may arise. However, the digital billboards that are built for drivers to see are designed with light sensors. These sensors are used to determine how bright it is in the surrounding environment. Therefore, the digital billboard will use less light and energy in order to adjust to the ambient light in the surrounding area. Digital billboards are brighter during the daytime hours since they are competing with the sun’s light. As the billboards are less bright at night, the advertisements are still visually appealing and effective and may gain in impact depending upon its surroundings.


A more skeptical portion of the population is concerned over the danger that the additional light may cause. However, a studying was conducted that examined the correlation between digital billboards and traffic accidents in Cuyahoga County, OH and yielded very positive data regarding the safety of digital billboards; researchers looked at the number of traffic accidents occurring in areas surrounding billboards for 12 months before and 12 months after they were converted to digital billboards. The study found that there was no change in the 24 months that could have been attributed to the installation of the digital billboards, which concludes that there is no correlation between digital billboard advertisements and traffic accidents.

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